Thursday, 30 May 2013

Bargain Eyebrow Products From e.l.f!

Hello fellow beauty junkies!

Today, I am going to show you two of my favourite bargain products. Although they are both super cheap, they do exactly what I need them to do. The items I will be showing you are both from e.l.f and are both eyebrow products.

I never used to bother with my eyebrows, just plucked them every couple of weeks but  they were mostly just left to their own devices! I have really fair eyebrows and have tried quite a few pencils and gels to get them to stand out a bit but have never really got the desired effect. These items however are perfect! :)

The first product is the 'e.l.f Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara' and in my opinion is an absolute steal at £1.50! I haven't actually used the lash end, but the brow end is amazing. It just sets the eyebrows and tames any stray hairs without looking shiny (I sometimes find this with eyebrow waxes).

The second product is the 'e.l.f Studio Eyebrow Kit' it retails at £3.75 and lasts forever! There are four shades available; light, medium, dark and ash. It comes in a little black compact and inside is a mirror (extremely handy), a brow gel, brow powder and a dual brush applicator. I only use the gel and the angled end of the brush to achieve the look I want.

On the left: what my eyebrows look like without any product on.
On the right: both products on - you can see the difference is subtle but so much neater!

Thanks for reading! You can find the products shown here: brow mascara & eyebrow kit :)

Also, e.l.f pretty much always have offers and discounts available (sometimes 50% off everything online) so make sure you take full advantage of them!

Emily :) x


  1. I love the e.l.f. studio eyebrow kit! One of my favorites!


    1. It's definitely my favourite eyebrow product! I haven't found anything as good yet! :) xx