Thursday, 20 February 2014

My 21st Birthday: Amazing Cupcakes, Beautiful Flowers and Even A Message From Dappy!

Hey everyone,
I turned 21 on Saturday 15th February and I had such a lovely day. I have never been so spoilt in my life and I had a really nice evening with all my closest family :) This post is just about what I did on the day, I am desperate to show everyone the beautiful cupcakes my Mum got made for me, the gorgeous flowers one of my best friends got me and also a birthday message my Fiance got for me from Dappy!
I will do a ‘what I got on my birthday’ post too, as I know lots of you love those type of posts and I got the most amazing presents from my family and friends that I can’t wait to show you all :) I don’t ever want anyone to think I am bragging, that’s just not me at all, but I know people just like to have a little nose and get ideas etc :)
My Fiance made me the cutest little Valentines hamper and got me the sweetest card that I wanted to show off too :) he really is amazing! We will have been together six years in a few months and I am so lucky to be with someone so lovely.
I though this was such a cute idea and he really put lots of thought into it, bless him. The card was amazing too, definitely one of the best ones he has ever got me, Moonpig make the best cards and they are so worth it if you want to get something unique for someone special in your life :)
Also, on Valentines Day one of my best friends,Rachel, brought me round the most thoughtful birthday present ever, she brought it round a day early as she wasn’t around on my actual birthday. She really spoiled me and I wasn’t expecting it, at all. She got me a huge hamper full of goodies, that she had decorated herself, she wrapped it in cellophane with a little bow, and also sprinkled little ‘21’ confetti pieces over everything inside. Inside the hamper was 21 presents for my 21st which was so generous, and totally unexpected, but such a good idea.
It looked so lovely, I didn’t want to open it and I just cried when she gave it to me, it was just so sweet of her. She also got me a gorgeous personalised card from Moonpig, she had collected some pictures of my beautiful little Chihuahua, Chloe from my Facebook page and made a collage of photos, she knows how much I love my little doggy and it was just a really nice idea :) Here’s some pictures:
When Luke, my Fiance, turned up with my beautiful Valentines hamper on Friday evening, he also brought with him a surprise. He had been shopping in our local Tesco, that evening and had seen Dappy in there, I loved Dappy in Celebrity Big Brother, so was jealous I didn’t get to meet him! He ran to the notepad aisle and scribbled down a note saying ‘Happy Birthday Emily, 21!’ on the pad and approached Dappy to ask if he would hold it up for a picture, and he did it! Luke said he was really good about it and was so nice and chatty. I can’t believe Luke had the guts to do that, but it was such an amazing birthday surprise! :)
On my actual birthday, I opened presents early and I was truly spoilt, I am such a lucky girl to have such generous family and friends. One of my dogs, Bella, absolutely loved playing in all the cellophane and bubble wrap and I managed to get some photos of her in action! She’s so crazy :)
Then my Mum showed me the beautiful cupcakes she got made for me from Heaven is a Cupcake. They are literally the most incredible cakes I’ve ever seen and they were delicious too! I couldn’t recommend Heaven is a Cupcake any more, they were flawless and baked to perfection. The attention to detail was amazing and everyone loved them!
Aren’t they perfect? They were vanilla flavour and were so light and fluffy. The owls were made of chocolate flavoured icing and were delicious, not too sickly like most icing usually is. I loved the glittery sprinkles on the ‘Emily’ and ‘21’ cakes and the pink theme was beautiful too, blue is my favourite colour, but I guess blue cakes aren’t as appetising!
I was lucky enough to not only get these personalised cupcakes, but I also got a delicious chocolate cake made by my Fiance’s grandparents. It was so thoughtful of them and it just melts my heart that they are so cute. They really are two of the loveliest people I know.
Look at all that chocolatey goodness! This smelt incredible as soon as I lifted the lid on the box and I am grateful to Luke’s lovely grandparents for being so sweet. I made sure my mum knew not to light the candles and get everyone to sing Happy Birthday to me, that sort of thing makes me die of embarrassment, haha!
My mum then put up this lovely collage of old pictures she had found on my Facebook and I just loved it and will keep it forever :)
My mum and Luke continued to decorate the house and it looked so good when it was all finished! :)
Then, my Fiance Luke’s auntie popped in to give me my present and card and whilst we were chatting in my dining room, there was a knock on the door and my Dad walked in with a huge bunch of the most incredible flowers I have ever seen in my life. I automatically turned to Luke and said ‘wow, you got me these?!’ and he said ‘don’t look at me, I didn’t get you them!’. So I looked at the card and it said it was from Rachel, now my absolute best friends in the whole world are both called Rachel, so I had no idea who had got them for me!
It turned out that it was the same Rachel who got me the beautiful personalised card and hamper, which I just couldn’t believe, because she had already gotten me so much already, it was lucky I didn’t thank the other Rachel though, haha! But seriously, have you ever seen a more beautiful bouquet of flowers?! I love the decorations, little ‘congratulations’ and the big ‘21’ sign, but my favourite feature has got to be the glitter on all the flowers, I didn’t think they were real! I’ve never seen anything like it before, they are so unique and just utterly gorgeous!
In the evening, I had my close family over to celebrate and it was just a really nice evening. I’m not one for big parties and I’m happiest when I’m surrounded by family, so it was perfect for me :) The picture of the food was literally half of the food my mum made, she’s an amazing cook and everyone always raves about her cooking, so there was not a lot left over at all! I absolutely loved the pink treat display on the cake stand, it looked so pretty. The day after my birthday I went shopping in Bicester village with my birthday money and got a good few bargains! So I will do a haul post of that too for you :)
I hope you enjoyed this post. I had the best birthday ever and am so, so grateful to everyone who made it as amazing as it was!
Thanks for reading!
Emily :) x


  1. This post made me smile so much! I love seeing people so happy, and I'm glad you had such a lovely birthday!


    1. Aww thank you, I am so happy and had such a nice day :D I'm so glad it made you smile! :) xxx

  2. Happy birthday! The pictures are just so delightful to look at, especially ones featuring the treats. I wish I could bite into one of those cupcakes right now. Chic and Alluring

    1. Thank you! :) The cupcakes were so delicious! xxx

  3. I really enjoy your post. Such a great celebration you have . Love the cupcakes and the decorations as well as the meaningful birthday card message. I really inspired by this one. thanks for sharing :)