Friday, 9 May 2014

Favourites: April 2014

Hey everyone,
As usual, I’ve picked six of my favourite and most used items of the month. This month only one of the items is something I actually got in April, the rest are all items I’ve had for quite a long time, but maybe forgot about or didn’t use so much, until now. I’ve completely rearranged my makeup and bought some new storage, so I will do a post on that soon. Its just enabled me to rediscover so many items, that I completely forgot I even owned, just due to the fact every is now so much more organised :)
Sorry these are a bit late, but here are my April 2014 monthly favourites!
Dior Addict Lip Glow in '004 Coral'
I originally bought this in the pinky shade and I absolutely loved it. It stains the lips for hours and the colour adjusts to your skintone flawlessly. So when I saw Dior had released a new limited edition shade as part of their spring collection, I knew I had to have it! This shade (004 Coral) is perfect for spring/summer and I have been using it so much lately. These feel so light on the lips and are great for everyday use. It may seem expensive for what is essentially just a tinted lip balm, but it is so much more than that and is one of my longest lasting lip products. I'm not one for top ups when I'm out, so this makes life so much easier.
L'Oreal Gel Intenza Eyeliner in '02 Golden Black'
I got this nearly a year ago in a Latest In Beauty beauty box and never really used it until recently. It is something I would have never picked, having never really used a gel eyeliner but also due to the colour. I always just go for jet black, this one is still black but has gold specks running through it. I've definitely grown to love it though, its so, so easy to apply with the brush that comes included and is a complete bargain for £9.99! It looks great with a neutral smokey eye and especially good with shimmery colours and the gold specks make such a nice change, I wish I used this earlier, I've been missing out! 
Laura Mercier Ambre Vanillé Soufflé Body Crème*
I won't say too much about this because I'm going to do a full review on it, next week! All I will say is that I've been loving it and it is so, so luxurious.
Benefit's Hoola Bronzer
I got this little sample in my Benefit advent calendar and I have been using it so much recently. I tended to opt more for just blushers in the winter, not the weather is starting to warm up a bit, I've been reaching for bronzers more and more and this one is just right for my pale skintone, it doesn't look orangey at all. The pigmentation is perfect, not too sheer and not too pigmented, and it just warms my skintone up beautifully :)
Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in '101'
I have been opting for much more dramatic eyes recently, so have been toning it down with a subtle lip and this lipstick is perfect for that. I have worn this so much throughout April and the colour is just perfect, I find paler shades, especially pinks, usually cling to my dry lips much more than darker colours and this is one of the only shades that doesn't at all!
Kiko Eyebrow Designer Gel Mascara
Every time I do my brows, I set them with this gel mascara and it works amazingly at keeping my eyebrows set all day long. This is sometimes on offer for only £3.90, which is an incredible price, but is only £7.20 usually. It lasts for months and months, so is worth every penny :)
Thanks for reading!
Have you tried any of these products?
Emily :)
*Product sent for purpose of review, all opinions are my own.


  1. That hoola bronzer is at the top of my wishlist! I really wish I'd picked up that Dior lipglow in coral when it was available!

  2. Kate lipstick looks gorgeous. I recently subscribed to Birchbox and they are giving away full size Hoola bronzer :) xx

  3. Hoola bronzer is amazing! I've been using it for years and still haven't found a better bronzer X